The Union Square Loft is located in an irregularly-shaped building where no walls are "square" or at right angles to one another.  The loft had not been renovated in over 30 years and all services, finishes and fixtures were in need of replacement. Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design was hired to provide complete architecture and interior design services.

The loft was completely modernized with 2 new bathrooms, air conditioning, and a custom kitchen. A custom-built, monumental, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf was constructed with painted poplar and aluminum shelves. Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design provided all furniture and textiles for the project as well.

The clients requested a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom and another semi-private bedroom to benefit from the dramatic city views at the corner.  The private bedroom is located along the long wall of windows at the end of the plan and the semi-private bedroom is strategically located up a small staircase and behind the large custom bookshelf that creates closed and open storage for the display of collected objects and plants. One side of the semi-private bedroom faces the kitchen and can be closed with folding doors, to create separation or opened to provide dramatic views of the cityscape through the corner windows.

Design team: Elizabeth Roberts, Ana Vazquez, Valerie Reynolds, Jessica Keenan (interior design)