The Ulla Johnson store is located on a landmarked block of Bleecker Street in the NoHo Historic District, located in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. 

The design team used many elements and proportions taken from residential interiors to create a space that would feel familiar and comfortable while adding custom elements that will hold up for commercial use. The long and narrow storefront was broken into a more residentially proportioned space with front and rear "parlors" connected by a decorative pass-through, while providing two dressing rooms off of the rear parlor and a bathroom for staff beside the sales desk. 

Carefully considered finishes include a green marble base that wraps the perimeter of the store and transitions into the floor surface of the decorative pass-through between the main rooms.  The high ceilings were emphasized with exaggerated tall mirrors and soft coved crowns where the walls meet the ceiling. The appearance of taller windows was created by building new tall frames with artificial light installed behind window coverings. Soft, muted tones with varying textures provided by stone, wood, and plaster were carefully selected to highlight the clothing, accessories, and palette of Ulla Johnson's collections. The oval custom sales desk is composed of oak dowels that are hand-wrapped with Danish cord. Brass caps at the tops of the dowels can be seen through the glass countertop where jewelry is displayed. The historic, copper storefront was polished and then left to patina for 24 hours before sealing it in order to capture the perfect color to complement the interior of the store and Ulla Johnson's collections. 


Design Team

Elizabeth Roberts Elliot Meier Jessica Keenan

Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design, PC was hired to do the project along with Alexis Brown Interiors who collaborated on the interiors with our interior design team. The project was a highly collaborative and extremely creative process involving many talented and visionary team members including our client Ulla Johnson who along with everyone else on the team added to the final product in a significant and meaningful way. 


The Result

A jewel box of a store that embodies the Ulla Johnson aesthetic.

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