PART 2: People
Build The Perfect Team
Whether it's an apartment in the heart of the city, a remote mountain cabin or a holiday house, finding the right architect for your new home - someone who can design it to your taste and specifications, ideally within budget - is crucial. We have talked to established and lesser-known architects from around the world and peeked into their key projects to show why we'd hire them to build our next home.

These people can also provide you with new ways of living. Whether that is prefab houses built with sturdy sustainable materials or multi-family residential projects that tackle densification issues in large urban centres, this range of developers and architects will make you see home-making in a new and dependable light...

Architect and Interior Designer
Preface: Elizabeth Roberts' refined personal aesthetic and thoughtful interiors hold serious sway, with a focus on understated and minimalist design...

Why we'd hire her:
Roberts pays attention to detail and sports a clean aesthetic but it is her commitment to fostering strong designer-client relationships that sets her apart. With this as a foundation, clients can trust in a first-rate result.