The Holley Townhouse is a typical frame row house designed for a musician in the eclectic neighborhood of Redhook, Brooklyn. All of the existing interior walls were removed, and the basement ceiling height was increased by lowering the foundation to provide an open and loft-like living space for a family of three.

ERA proposed an open bedroom, dressing area, and lounge at the street level with a connection to the main living spaces on the garden level. The 20-foot salvaged cherry steps double as stadium seating for musical performances.

 The home’s orientation toward the garden is expressed by the complete opening up of the back and the addition of massive sliding glass doors. On the other side of the garden, a carriage house was converted into a state-of-the art recording studio. The existing vinyl-clad street façade was left intact so that the house fits in with the modest streetscape while offering a surprise upon entry.


Design Team

Elizabeth Roberts


The Result

A house that respects the eclectic nature of its surroundings and whose interiority offers a creative retreat.

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