The Fort Greene Townhouse is located in the Historic District of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The renovation created 2 separate duplex apartments for the 2 families who purchased the building together. A family member designed the lower level duplex. Elizabeth Roberts Design designed the upper level duplex creating 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 private offices, a kitchen patio overlooking the garden and a new roofdeck accessed through a new stair to the roof.

The entry doors at the top of the stoop lead to a vestibule with separate entry doors leading to the upper and lower duplex units. Doors from a salvage yard were refurbished and installed as the entry doors to the upper duplex.

The building was completely rewired to create a 2 family building with split-system AC and a new heating system with radiant heat throughout. New, white oak floors were installed throughout the building and the existing, historic stair was refurbished and painted gray.

The ceiling at the top level was removed and the new ceiling follows the underside of the sloped roof creating rooms with high ceilings at the front of the building and a cozier master bedroom and office at the garden side of the building. A new stair to access the roof was built to match the historic, curved stair –a new mahogany handrail was created to seamlessly connect the historic stair to the new stair leading to the roof.

The roof deck is accessed through a large hydraulic door with a large panel of glass. The glass door illuminates the top, bedroom level even when the door to the roof is in the closed position. The roof deck is lined with concrete pavers and surrounded by a Landmark-approved iron railing.