The Fort Greene Townhouse is located in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Historic District. The renovation included the creation of two separate duplex apartments for the families that purchased the building together. The entry doors at the top of the stoop lead to a vestibule with a nook for hanging coats and separate entry doors leading to the upper and lower duplex units. Doors from a salvage yard were refurbished and installed as the entry doors to the upper duplex.

ERA designed the upper level duplex creating three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two private offices, a kitchen patio overlooking the garden, and a new roof deck accessible through a new stairway. The hydraulic glass door to the roof also serves as a skylight and floods the stairway below with light. The ceiling at the top level was removed, allowing for high-sloped ceilings at the front of the building and a cozier master bedroom and office at the garden side of the building.


Design Team

Elizabeth Roberts


The Result

A brownstone is reconfigured for two families and existing elements are brought to life.

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